WooCommerce Membership / Courseware Site (Plugins Included!)


Sell membership and information products, create a courseware site, setup a newsletter (Mailchimp. Mailster or Mailpoet), and book appointments. The course includes over $1000 of GPL-licensed software!  Access to the course and plugin updates are provided for lifetime (there are no recurring fees of any kind).

Full course details and sales video is listed below. This course can easily be extended to the LearnDash Learning Management System courseware software.





This course is for entrepreneurs wanting to sell membership products or courses on their website (free, fixed-priced or subscription-based), setup a newsletter using free Mailchimp, Mailster or Mailpoet, and sell their time via appointments.  With this course, you could be up and running within an hour selling your digital products and/or valuable time.  All software required by this course is provided for free through the GPL license.  Access to the course and plugin updates are provided for lifetime (there are no recurring fees of any kind).

Why WooCommerce?

WooCommerce already powers 30% of the world’s online stores.  Why not use this powerful open-source software (along with a few GPL-licensed addons and plugins) to power all aspects of your website sales and marketing?  There is absolutely no need to use costly so-called “marketing automation” systems like Infusionsoft, Kajabi, 1ShoppingCart, etc, to handle your sales, email marketing, or affiliate marketing.  All the services you need can be provided through free software, which I am going to give you, and which will usually provide you more functionality than the commercial systems while minimizing undesirable complexity.  Get more information about this, and then decide for yourself, by watching the first free video in the course “WooCommerce, Marketing Automation and CRM” which gives you the 30,000 foot view.

Typical Use Cases — how you can use this course

  • Provide a Free membership tier to encourage visitors to sign-up to your site
  • Sell courses or other digital products via fixed-price or subscription payments (ie. $50 every month). Automatically cancel their access to content if they cancel their subscription
  • Add a newsletter or autoresponder to your website using free services — and then scale up to 100,000 subscribers at very minimal cost
  • Use the same WooCommerce shopping cart that you use to sell your courses and memberships to allow customers to setup appointments and pay for them — don’t confuse your customers with multiple systems and interfaces
  • Build your website and marketing efforts using open software rather than proprietary software, which typically gives you much more flexibility and huge cost savings as well

All software required by this course is provided for free through the GPL license, including:

  • WooThemes Memberships WooCommerce Extension ($149 value)
  • WooThemes Subscriptions WooCommerce Extension ($199 value)
  • WooCommerce Bookings ($99 value)
  • EverPress Mailster Premium WordPress Plugin ($35)
  • WooThemes Follow Up Emails WooCommerce Extension ($99 value)
  • YITH Custom Thank You Page WooCommerce Extension ($89 value)
  • WooThemes Sensei LMS Premium WordPress Plugin ($129 value)
  • LearnDash Learning Management System ($159 value)
  • ElegantThemes Divi theme ($89 value)
  • StudioPress Genesis theme framework ($60 value)
  • And more!

Plugin updates are provided.  You simply have to login again to our Member’s Area and re-download / re-install the plugins.

Too much complexity for you?  Do you want us to do it for you?

Then book an inexpensive appointment with Marc and tell us your requirement. We are here to serve.

About your instructor

Marc Beneteau is a a best-selling Udemy instructor with over 40,000 students.  He teaches short high-impact courses that will get you selling your products and services using some of the most powerful open-source software and free services available. And we won’t be making you watch 10 hours of video, because we value your time. All our courses carry a 30-day money-back guarantee and could save you thousands of dollars a year in terms of pricey services that you really don’t need, and will get you to first base faster than any other method.